Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park 1.2.5

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in Jurassic Park


  • Good graphics
  • Varied gameplay
  • Fun to play


  • Short

Very good

Jurassic Park is the official mobile game of the popular dinosaur movie saga. Your job is to explore the island and fend off poachers and angry dinosaurs.

You are cast as both Ian Malcom and Doctor Alan Grant in a game that mixes elements of adventure, action and shooting. The game is refreshingly diverse. You'll get to traverse different areas of Jurassic Park on foot and in vehicles, and there are some enjoyable bonus levels that break up the main story.

The graphics in Jurassic Park are very well drawn, and the animation is smooth. There's plenty of diversity in terms of the backdrops, as you explore settings based around the original Isla Nublar from the movie.

Playing Jurassic Park is good fun and the storyline is quite engrossing. However, it's a very linear game so there's not much replayability. In fact, it's easy to progress through the whole game in under an hour.

Jurassic Park is an enjoyable adventure game, particularly for fans of the movie. But your trip to this small scale version of Lost World will be short one, ultimately.

Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park 1.2.5

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